Dr. Hadi Amali

Plastic Surgeon in Tehran (Iran)

25 Years of Experience
Board Certified Surgeon
Experienced in Simultaneous Surgeries

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What surgeries does Dr. Amali do?

What's the average cost of Plastic Surgery?

The cost of each surgery depends on several items such as:

  1. Experience of the Surgeon
  2. Duration of Surgery
  3. Difficulty of the Surgery
  4. Type of Hospital

The best idea to know the exact cost of a plastic surgery is to consult with your surgeon and ask him to give you the prices based on your face or body photos.

*Note: The cost of plastic surgery in Tehran is usually 3 to 4 times lower than other countries around the world. 

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Happy Patients

Dr. Hadi Amali has several patients from different countries every year. You can see some of the happy patients in photos below:


Dr. Hadi Amali in Operation Room

Common Questions

1Is doing a plastic surgery risky?
If the patient is in a good health condition and if the surgeon has enough experience, plastic surgery is usually risk free. By the way, it's also important that the patient is mentally ready to accept the changes after a plastic surgery.
2What's the acceptable BMI for undergoing a body plastic surgery?
For a patient candidate for a body plastic surgery, the BMI should be below 32.
3How long is the usual anesthesia time?
Depending on the surgery, the length of anesthesia can differ. It can be from 1 to 4 hours.
4Will the scars fade after doing a plastic surgery?
It depends on several items such as: skin type of patient, technique of surgery, cut area and type of surgery. By the way, if the patient follows all the instructions and uses healing silicone-sheets or creams, the healing process will be significantly faster and better.
5Where is Dr. Amali's office in Tehran (Iran)?
Dr. Hadi Amali's office Iran is located in Unit 102, Floor 1A, No. 7, Valinezhad St, Nelson Mandela Blvd, Tehran, Iran.

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